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Careful consideration has been given to all equipment and products used here at Nova Press and what impact they have on the environment from the beginning of the supply chain right through to final use.


2015 saw the addition of a CRON-WCRM G Series Thermal Image Setter.  Rather than using light to expose a silver-halide plate which then had to go through processing, developing and rinsing processes, this new system uses a laser to harden a polymer on the AGFA Azura TS Thermal Plates.  The area on the plates that have not been hardened then get scrubbed away using nothing but water and a bio-degradable gumming solution to protect the image., and the polymer that has been scrubbed off is completely water soluble.  In the early stages of "chemistry-free" plates, they had a very short run length, so were only suitable for short runs, otherwise, multiple sets of plates and press setups were required as the image simply wore off the plate.

Today's plates, however, are as good, if not better than ever before.  AGFA are the leaders across a number of industries when it comes to imaging, so we are confident that their product is the right choice.


We only use T&K Best One Soy-based inks which are an excellent alternative to petroleum or oil-based inks.

Not only is this ink great for the environment, but it can actually produce brighter, more vibrant colors. The end result is an eco-friendly and visually appealing creative every time.

Soy-based ink is, as the name implies, made from soybeans. The oil is refined and then mixed with other environmentally friendly compounds such as natural resins and waxes. The fine bright colors that can be produced with soy-based inks are a result of the soy oil – it is much clearer and less, well, “oily” than petroleum-based inks.


All papers used by Nova Press are sourced from manufacturers who are registered with The EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)

The paper we use can be categorised under one of 3 banners.


FSC 100%

Pulp sourced from forests that have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. FSC works to promote responsible forestry, conserve biological diversity and protect old growth forests. FSC also includes a ‘Chain Of Custody’ system that tracks paper from the forest, all the way to finished material offering clients complete paper traceability.


A FSC® mix label means at least 70 per cent of the wood in a product comes from FSC certified or recycled material; while 30 per cent is made of controlled wood.

FSC Recycled

An FSC® Certified – Recycled label means the wood or paper in a product comes from reclaimed material.


HEIDELBERG is extremely passionate about climate change and the environment.  That is why they include the option of carbon neutrality with every piece of Pre-Press, Press and Post-Press equipment they manufacture.  The greenhouse gas emissions are calculated from the manufacturing of the machinery (within Heidelberg and their suppliers), right through to the transporting of the equipment to the customer, and then Gold Standard Carbon Emission Certificates are purchased which fill go towards funding future climate protection projects.

As well as this initiative, they are constantly developing new ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the printing industry.  These include ink transport systems that effectively distributed ink through the printing press resulting in up to 50% less wasted ink.  More accurate colour profiling to ensure that the perfect amount of ink is applied to the sheet, and fully automatic make-ready which means the press can be up and running quicker with each job, resulting in less power, paper, and ink usage.


All internal waste is responsibly disposed of through the appropriate channels.

Timber pallets which our paper is delivered on are returned to the distributors for re-use. All metal plates are collected and recycled on a weekly basis.

All cardboard, boxes & packaging, that is not contaminated with plastic or wax coatings are recycled with JJ Richards, and our general waste (landfill) has been reduced to less that one skip bin per week.

All paper used in the printing process, that is not part of the final job is also recycled.  This includes full sheets from the printing press that were used in getting the job setup.  Trimmings from the guillotines once jobs are trimmed and any paper left over once the job quantity has been reached.

If you have any questions regarding the products or processes used here at Nova Press, please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing


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