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Digital Printing Is A Term Often Misunderstood And Used To GeneraliSe What Is A Diverse Range Of Output Devices.For Example, THE PRINTER ON YOUR DESK AT HOME Is A Digital Printer.

Let's Look At The Differences..

When it comes to commercial printing, Digital machines typically fit into one of three categories.

Direct Imaging presses are a class of press which is often mistakenly referred to as digital. DI presses use on-press imaging technologies to create an image onto a lithographic printing plate. They do not feature collating, duplexing or variable imaging capabilities like the HP Indigo digital press. Once the plates are imaged on a DI press, the process reverts to conventional printing with its inherent limitations.

The other main digital color press technology is the xerographic (dry toner) process, commonly found in laser printers and color copiers such as the offerings from Xerox, Canon & Konica Minolta.

The toner process is typically characterized by a lack of print quality. Dry toner particles range between 7 to 9 microns in size and struggle to reproduce fine details and acceptable colors. With dry toners it is difficult to match the surface gloss of a substrate, usually giving the image a glossy appearance on a matte paper and an ultra-glossy appearance on a glossy paper. The process also attracts a lot of static that is transferred to the paper and can cause significant problems and waste in the finishing process.

The dry toner process limits your choices and creativity as a designer in terms of print quality, paper quality, and finishing techniques.

The HP Indigo digital press is the only digital printing technology that can equal or exceed the quality, color range and substrate compatibility of conventional offset printing. It is also the only digital technology that can print up to seven colors, including extended gamut printing or spot colors, that help you produce eye-catching images or match clients' corporate brand colors.


Digital Printing AT NOVA PRESS

The HP Indigo 7900 is simply the best digital printing press in the world and with the recent installation of this press, it puts Nova Press at the forefront of the digital print market.

The ability to print digitally coupled with our comprehensive finishing department means our competitors don’t even come close to what we can offer.

Personalisation and Variable Data

is processed through the powerful SmartStream software package which means we can produce anything from consecutively numbered tickets, right through to complex, multi-page membership renewal forms.  There are no limits, if the information can be stored in a spreadsheet, then it can be merged with your artwork to create a completely unique print job.

The leader in print quality and color

Enabled by HP Indigo’s liquid ElectroInk technology and unique digital offset process, HP Indigo prints are of the highest quality, matching or even exceeding offset, allowing them to be used interchangeably. The press was purchased with the high bulk artboard feature enabling printing on substrates up to 420gsm.

Widest media range

Compatible with more than 2500 certified substrates—the widest choice in the industry—the press prints on a range of uncoated and coated papers as well as on unique substrates such as synthetics, dark, transparent, metallic, and recycled media, and paperboard for folding cartons.

synthetics and other specialty stocks

The press supports high-value specialty applications printed on synthetics using HP Indigo’s unique One Shot Color printing mode. This means that the ink is built onto a drum before it hits the paper, so the full CMYK image is hitting the paper at the same time.  If each colour was individually being layed onto the synthetic substrate then paper stretch and heat issues can lead to colour variation and mis-registration. This does not happen with the HP 7900 Indigo as the drum images the paper only one allowing for perfect registration – every time!

No other digital press in the world has this technology and companies search far and wide and specify that their work can ONLY be done on the HP Indigo.

Security printing USING raised varnish

HP Indigo ElectroInk Varnish creates a raised varnish without the need for UV. This is valuable for high-security plastic cards and adding anti-counterfeiting features.

Strength and Service


With 24 hour production and an extensive in-house finishing department, we can cater for all of your printing requirements under the one roof. We are proud of our proven track record for delivering a quality product with exceptional service and competitive pricing.  To find out how we can help you and your business, get in touch with us Today!


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