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Definition: Offset Printing

Offset printing refers to a printing technique where the image to be printed is laser etched onto a metal plate.  This plate then has 2 distinct properties, the area that has been etched attracts the oil-based ink, and the rest of the plate attracts water, which repells the oil-based ink. As the ink from the inking roller is transferred onto the metal printing plate, the plate then comes into contact with a rubber blanket, just like a rubber stamp, the ink that is on the blanket is then "offset" or transferred onto the blanket. As the paper passes through the press, each sheet wraps around an impression cylinder which then puts the paper into direct contact with the rubber blanket and transferring the final image onto the paper.  The sheet is then transferred to the next ink unit until all four process colours, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) are layered on top of each other to create the final output which collects at the end of the press.

Nova Press has been offering wholesale printing for the last 20 years. We offer all forms of offset printing from single colour critical PMS work such as Corporate Stationery, Invoice Books and economical leaflets and flyers, through to Agency standard 5 Colour Printing which spans everything from Brochures to Magazines and Presentation Folders.  With 3 printing presses at our disposal, there is really no job that we cannot accomplish.

The installation of the new Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 75 - 5 colour press with the Inpress Colour Control System allows you to express creativity with being able to print CMYK and a 5th colour in a single pass.  This could be a spot colour such as a Gold or Silver Metallic, or a PMS colour to match your corporate branding.  We can also run an inline varnish to really make photos and graphics stand out without the need for costly after print embellishments.

Complimenting our full-size press, our new Heidelberg Speedmaster SX 52 means smaller work in 1 or 2 colour is done accurately, consistently and with perfect register every time.

Nearly all trade and wholesale printers in the market today offer only the full-colour work, but we believe that we need to offer all forms of printing to allow our customers to receive the same service when ordering even the smallest of jobs. It is important that you are able to then offer your customers the same broad spectrum of services that we offer to ensure you get maximum value from that customer, and that your customer does not need to search elsewhere for other print items. From invoice books to PMS cards, to colour cards and large run magazines, all is done in-house at wholesale rates with the highest of quality.

The installation of a new thermal plate-setter in 2016 that is totally chemistry-free allows a perfect dot without any carbon footprint whatsoever and the built-in stochastic screening further enhances the look and sharpness of all offset print work.

XL - 6 colour bar

SPEEDMASTER XL 75 - 5 colour with Inpress Colour Control System

This press is the benchmark oversize A2 press in the world today. There are a list of features that earn the XL this title, however, as a print-buyer there are 2 main features unique to this machine that you wont find on any other printing press.

Air Transfer Cylinders - This means that the sheet does not touch any cylinders as it passes through the press. We are sure that most people would have seen, especially on board, scratches and banding of colour on for example their presentation folders. This is due to the fact that it would be an older press and the gears/rollers have not been maintained but for solid colours it is that the sheet touches an ICP film on a transfer cylinder which will ALWAYS leave scratches as some stage of the print production. The considerable investment in this press was warranted due to this 21st Century technology that is not found anywhere else. We have the confidence to run a  100% Black only folder without the need for artwork to carry other colours to hide this marking, and for your solid to be simply floorless.

In-Press Colour Control System - This is a unique system to Heidelberg that measures and maintains colour. Basically it is a system that photographs the sheet inside the press and automatically maintains the colour and register of a sheet. We can guarantee that each sheet is identical and fully in register. Every other press without this technology runs an "off press" control system which leads to colour variation and misregistration.

This is without a doubt the best mid-size press in the world and the proof is in the final product which definitely stands out from the crowd.

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With 24 hour production and an extensive in-house finishing department, we can cater for all of your printing requirements under the one roof. We are proud of our proven track record for delivering a quality product with exceptional service and competitive pricing.  To find out how we can help you and your business, get in touch with us Today!


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